Esemec SA provides electromechanical services and supplies to the various public and private companies in Ecuador.

Ecuador Office:

Gral Rumiñahui and Giovanni Farina N. 1277 - Bldg. Valley Center Local 3 PB | Sector San Rafael
Phone: (593 2) 2861-688
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About Us

We have a history of 30 years in the Ecuadorian public and private power sector in importing, marketing and installation of electrical products with internationally recognized brands, equipment and supplies low, medium and high voltage.

Being direct and exclusive representatives of domestic and foreign manufacturers, we are able to offer our customers prices and very competitive delivery times.


Cia. Esemec S.A. was incorporated by public deed before a notary 10/11/1981 Quito Canton Cevallos Dr. Jorge Machado in order to provide services and electromechanical supplies to various public and private companies in the country.

From its inception, Co. was mainly devoted to providing equipment and electrical equipment approximately 3 to 4 years, with exclusive representation and distribution of high quality brands, American and European.

From 1986 onwards service undercounter turnkey system, ie supply contracts equipment, materials, installation and commissioning is implemented attending.

He also worked with the Air Force, installation and commissioning of the system of KAFIR aircraft, Taura Air Base in the fields, Civil, electrical, electronic and mechanical. With Inecel equipment and materials for rural electrification, such as distribution transformers and measurement accessories lines, etc.

At the end of the year / beginning of the year and 98/99, supply and supervision of installation of a 138,000 volt autotransformer is concluded. 224,000 KVA. Ohio Transformer brand, located in the Paschal Substation - Guayaquil.

For the year / 99 in the city of Quito was transformer pedestal (Pad Mounted) began, they so far have been delivered to the Company E. Quito and some private developments in the city including: Lions, San Francisco, Ingenio, etc. Our activity has been centralized in the supply of equipment Electric Company, Oil and Special Industries since 2000.

The teams and supplied by our company Esemec SA materials are supported by Technical Manufacturer Warranty ranging from one to two years depending on the case.

Finally, since 2010 we have ventured into the area of ​​civil constructions, with the creation of an additional department for this purpose.

servicios y suminitros Electromecánicos

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